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Eco-friendly Cultivation Products & Home Goods — Locally Produced Using Renewable/Degradable Materials.


Welcome to Spirulina Society Store!

Here you can purchase the eco-friendly Spirulina cultivation products & home goods — which are locally produced using renewable/degradable materials.

🌽 We produce all items with 3D printers, on demand. All products are made from PLA, a renewable and degradable vegetable-based plastic, which commonly uses cornstarch as a raw material.​

♻️ "Work In Progress" — Since PLA is only compostable in specific conditions at industrial facilities. We aim to turn PLA scraps into products, to close the materials loop by keeping them away from landfills. We never throw away our scraps/failed parts and we look to gather the PLA waste from elsewhere.

Anya Muangkote


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Spirulina Society provides tools and knowledge for domestic Spirulina cultivation. We aim to make fresh Spirulina accessible for anyone who treasures self-sufficiency; fosters wellbeing, empowerment, and sustainability.

🌎 Learn more about Spirulina cultivation at home: https://spirulinasociety.org

📦 Ship to addresses in Thailand only. 🇹🇭

Self-pickup is preferred. Let’s reduce waste from shipment packaging! ✊🌳🌎

Bangkok, Thailand

Sukhumvit 36

Business Hours

Monday — Friday

12 p.m. — 9 p.m.